Bird Dog Training



The following agreement is between Table Rock Kennels, hereinafter referred to as "Trainer," and “Owner” as listed on this form.

This is our introductory training program which lays the foundation for more advanced training. In two months Dog WILL NOT be 100% compliant but rather have a solid understanding of basic commands so you as the real handler can apply them in daily life. For example, Dog will not be whoa broke but will understand that whoa means stop. Dog will also learn to heel on a leash and will be ready to transition to more advanced heel training. Dog will also be e-collar trained to recall.

In consideration of a monthly training fee of one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200.00), of which two hundred dollars ($200.00) is a non-refundable deposit. "Dog" will be enrolled in Table Rock Kennel’s Bird Dog ESSENTIALS program for two (2) months. The above-mentioned training program encompasses the following areas: bird intro, steady to wing, gun intro, recall, whoa, heel, and birds shot over Dog. 

After the deposit is paid, the remaining first month's balance of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) is due when Dog is dropped off. The full monthly rate of one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200.00) is due at the beginning of the 2nd month. Birds, feed, and boarding are included in the monthly rate. The Owner is responsible for any veterinarian bills that arise.

Owner is permitted to view Dog’s progress on a monthly basis if desired.

Please remember that Dog is meant to be an athlete so if Dog comes to Trainer overweight i.e. can't see at least two ribs, then by the end of the program Trainer will have transformed Dog into the best shape of their life :)


Trainer is hereby released from any and all future liability to Owner with regard to the Dog that’s in for training. Owner agrees that from the date Owner takes back possession of the Dog, Owner accepts all liability for the actions of the Dog and holds Trainer harmless with regard to any and all third parties.


  • Pup MUST be at least 5 months old
  • Pointing
  • Gun intro
  • Recall
  • Whoa
  • Heel
  • $1,200/month
  • 2 months
  • Cohorts begin February 1, April 1, and July 1 every year

By filling out this form you agree that your typed name is one and the same as your wet signature.

Please fill out the form below and CLICK HERE or scan the above QR code with your phone's camera to pay the $200 deposit to reserve your bird dog's training spot, thank you!

If you don't use Venmo you can still fill out the form and I'll reach out to provide a different method of payment.

A Few Client Dogs